This page links to items that were originally written for the members of ARICSA but which have been made available for access by others. They are, of course, aimed at retirees, and especially retirees from the UN organizations residing in Austria, but they may be useful to a wider audience.

The unpleasant but inevitable subject of death

This paper is designed to give you some idea of how best to prepare for the inevitable eventuality of death. We owe it to our grieving survivors to simplify the formalities and so help them deal with the mundane matters that attend that fatal issue (PDF file).

The information relates predominantly to the laws and practices in Austria regarding these matters. Note: many laws have changed since this paper was written.

ARICSA wishes to acknowledge with particular thanks the lengths to which Klaus Feldmann went in putting this paper together and the assistance lent by Janet Cross and Peter Lillie.

Last Envelope: Actions to be taken by surviving spouses to obtain a pension from the UNJSPF. This document was prepared by Ms. Elisabeth Swaton.

... and wills and testaments.

Austrian law is set out fairly clearly on the following EU web site. According to EU regulations, a person can choose whether a testament will be processed according to the laws of the last residence country or the laws of the country of nationality. There is an EU 'succession document' to avoid double processing. See Austria Succession Facts

... and tax liability

The other 'unavoidable' subject is tax. Here is a summary of some of the issues as they apply to retired UN staff PDF File.