Dear ARICSA members, former colleagues and friends,

Our President, Jerry Barton, will be reporting more fully once he returns from the FAFICS Council in Geneva, but he sends the following message:

"After presentations by and discussions with the CEO of the Pension Fund, Sergio B. Arvizù, and the Representative of the Secretary General for Investments, Carol Boykin, I can assure you that your pensions were not and are not in danger of risky speculation. There never were nor are now any changes in responsibility between the CEO and the RSG. We also have the statement from the UN's Head of Internal Audit that none of the allegations of fraud raised earlier this year are true. Our pension fund is unique, not only in the quality of our pensions and the health of the investment fund, but also in its complexity. The Pension Fund secretariat is working to ensure that the staff serving us are as knowledgeable and diligent as possible. Your pensions are safe. ARICSA is arranging for another "In-Retirement" seminar by representatives of the Pension Fund this autumn. More details will be available later."