Last Thursday the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund issued two news items that may be of interest to our members. The full texts of the items are available on the UNJSPF web site (see the links below).

Update on the implementation of the new computer system.

The UNJSPF reports that "the Fund is aware that some recent retirees are experiencing delays in receipt of their new benefit entitlement, and that queries addressed to the Fund are at times not answered as promptly as we would like. We would like you to know that we are vigorously addressing these challenges with all means at our disposal."

"To date six consecutive months of payroll for more than 72,000 retirees and beneficiaries residing in 190 countries have been paid with no interruption, accurately and on time. For the Fund's more than 72,000 beneficiaries and retirees the introduction of IPAS was seamless, with no break in benefits. The IPAS system is working efficiently and effectively, with Pension Fund staff continuously improving their proficiency in the new system. The Fund has already achieved processing rates that are significantly higher than both the previous year's average and the long term average. ..The Fund is confident that the improved processing rates will reduce the IPAS related backlog for new separations."

The complete document also reminds separating staff to ensure that all the required documents are sent by the former organization to the Pension Fund in a timely manner. Only once these required documents have been received by the Fund, will the Fund be able to start the review and processing of your benefit.


Update on 2015 Annual Statement of Benefit from the Pension Fund

The Pension Fund reported that for new retirees these statements are already being sent, and that for all others who have requested such an annual statement they will begin being sent starting now.