ARICSA Statement on Late Pension Payments

As already reported, ARICSA is keenly aware of the problems caused to new retirees by the long delayed payment of their first pensions.  Such a delay is unacceptable.  Although the staff of the Pension Fund has been working extremely hard since last August, we are pleased that specific measures are now being put into place to eliminate the backlogs by early June.  We are also hopeful that these measures will improve customer service and deliver the quarterly statements on pension calculations.

ARICSA has also noted that a signficant portion of the delay has sometimes arisen from processing delays in the former organizations and has volunteered to work with the Vienna-based Organizations to help provide any information that separating staff need.

Because of the progress being made, ARICSA sees no value - even a negative value - in taking protest actions, such as the petition currently circulating requesting the removal of the CEO of the Pension Fund.  We recommend that our members not sign this petition.

For the entire statement, please see:  ARICSA Statement on Late Pension Payments.


New Allianz Mobile App for filing insurance claims

In March 2016, the possibility to submit claims for reimbursement of pre-paid medical expenses to Allianz Worldwide Care Services by email was expanded, through the announcement below and until further notice, to all UNIDO group medical insurance plans with Allianz.  In addition to the currently available possibilities to submit claims by email and by hardcopy, members now have the option to submit claims by Mobile App, subject to the conditions which currently apply for electronic claiming:

  • Members must submit pictures of the invoice and proof of payment.
  • The principal member remains responsible, for audit purposes, to retain the original invoices for three years after the submission of the claim and, upon request, provide them to Allianz Worldwide Care Services for verification.
  • Only invoices up to the equivalent of EUR 1,000 each may be submitted by Mobile App.  Any invoices exceeding this amount shall continue to be submitted in hard copy.

For more information and to download the Mobile App, please see the Allianz web site: