The 2014 "Austrian Tax Seminar for Retirees", co-sponsored by UNFCU and ARICSA was held March 27th, in the Palais Palffy in Vienna's first district.  Starting at 11:00, it included presentations on Austrian tax requirements and on estate planning.  Talks and Q&A were in English. Registration was required since space was very limited.

The feedback so far has been very positive – except for the delays at sign-in and lining up for food.  If you have other comments, or suggestions for future seminars, please let us know.  For a room holding a maximum of 200 people, we had 180 registrations by the previous Friday night, and 240 registrations on Monday morning, and another 50 or so people asking to sign up between Monday and Thursday.  So it was a tight squeeze (in the end almost exactly 200 people showed up).

Registered members can read more about this seminar in Newsletter #73 (April 2014), a convenient link to which is provided here: (PDF file)