ARICSA Newsletter No, 73, titled "April 2014" includes information on the Pension Adjustment in Austria and on after service health insurance (ASHI) and UN pensions. In the "President´s corner" Jerry Barton reports on the "Of Death, Taxes and Product Placements" seminar in March, and "Zoo poo for you". Other articles include "How green is green" and "The Albertina’s grand exposition". There is a notice about a new computer seminar (June 2, 2014 from 14:00, in Room M0E18 at the VIC) and "More email attacks at this time of year", both by Michel Wolodimiroff, as well as our usual columns, "In Memoriam" and "New members".
As a "special" this issue includes a "Meet the ARICSA ExCom" section that includes photos of ExCom members and office staff. As usual the issue also has a short summary in German, "In diesem Heft finden Sie".
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